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2013 Ford Focus


One thing to note about the 2013 Ford Focus before we get into the review is that there is a newer version that may be out by the time you read this article. It has a few upgrades from the current 2012. Now, new in 2013 is that the coupe has been cancelled, so the only thing left to “focus” on for Ford is the sedan. The Ford Focus is known for being small and having great gas mileage and those are pretty much the two strong points you’ll see from the current Focus.

The new focus coming out has real potential at being a leader in the market for small car sedans, however the current model is just lacking too much to be able to compete with the other 2013 models. It’s just that simple, and Ford knows that – that’s why they’re coming out with an updated, newer version.


North American Focus lovers pretty much got the shaft as Europe has seen more upgrades, models and updates to the Ford Focus compared to it’s North American counterparts. The European market has already seen a major overhaul of the Focus, while in America there is still pretty much the same model as it was in it’s inception over 10 years ago.

The current Ford Focus is simply not as popular as it once was. When this was a new car, it was viewed as modern and pretty cool, but that was a decade ago. You will find much better value at the price then the current 2013 model but let me tell you – when the newer evolution of the Focus comes out, it has a really strong chance of being the industry leader in small everyday cars.

Let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls of the 2013 Ford Focus. First of all, many people are saying that this car has actually gotten worse as time has gone on. It actually doesn’t look that much better than it’s original version over 10 years ago. That’s a shame, because they started off so well and people really thought the Ford Focus had a future. Inexplicably, the team over at Ford has not updated the Focus enough year to year than to make it a purchase of people who really don’t have a clue. I mean, if it wasn’t for the superb advertising techniques of the Ford Focus, I am certain that they would not sell nearly as many vehicles as they do. It’s because it’s closest competition really does smoke it out of the water.

One of the Focus’ top competition is the 2011 Honda Civic and it really doesn’t compare. Unfortunately for Ford, the Honda specs are just too strong. Also seen as a better pick for this year over the latent focus, is the 2013 Nissan Sentra. Years ago, you wouldn’t believe someone saying that the Sentra was that much nicer than the Focus, but today it holds true.

2013 Ford Focus Trims

You’ve got several different trim levels for the 2013 Ford Focus including S, SE, SEL and SES. You’ve got 15 inch steel wheel, power locks, AC, keyless entry, tilt steering wheel all coming standard in the base model. When you upgrade to the SE Focus, you get the same sized wheels but they’ll be alloy instead of steel. You also get power windows/mirrors, bluetooth, ipod control, dimming mirror, leather steering wheel and several other small amenities.

The SEL level of the 2013 Focus has 16 inch alloy wheels, foglamps, sports suspension, heated front seat and mirrors, and the SES has 17 inch wheels on top of that. Clearly, each step up in trim for the Ford Focus leaves a big impact in look, style and performance.

If you just need an everyday vehicle then the S model will do. If you are looking for something that actually will turn heads a bit, then go for the SEL or SES models. The size in the wheels makes a difference, so does the interior differences.

2013 Ford Focus Specs

– Lots of Front and head space

– Lots of rear space

– chrome Grill

– steel wheels on base

– alloy wheels on upgraded

– 15, 16, and 17 inch wheels, depending on the trim level.

– spare steel wheel

– Defogger

– Intermittent wiper

– low profile deflector on hood

– foglights

– exhaust tip chromed out

– trip computer

– clock

– tachometer

– Fuel waring when low

– Front door pockets

– Remote release for trunk

– 12v power outlets in front

– Floor mats for all weather

– Electrochromic mirror

– Cargo protector

– anti lock brakes

– anchors for child seats

– traction and stability control

– electronic brakeforce distribution

– emergency interior trunk release

– monitor for tire pressure

– 3 headrests in back

– 2 headrests in front

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