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2013 Honda Civic


One thing you’ll notice about the Civic is that it has plenty of trim options for you to choose from. And the more you want to customize her car, the more it will be different than anybody else’s Civic and that is probably one of the biggest selling points for this car. Some people might actually complain that the lower trim levels with 2013 Honda Civic are just not luxurious enough, compared to the trim levels of the upper level civics. Now that’s a grape that has been placed on the Honda Civic for many years, and it’s a wonder why Honda doesn’t do a little bit better job in that department.

One thing that you can’t knock about the Honda Civic, is that it’s very stylish. No matter what trim level you get, even the base model, it just has that look and feel of a really cool car. Imagine taking one of these babies out on a date, and you know what it means. It just has that look and feel to it,…

In the Honda Civic 2013 alone at the top of the class, or does it have any competition that’s worth its while? First off, there is a 2013 Nissan Sentra. The Sentra is not really on the same level of the Civic, but he is getting very close and itching more more closer to the Civic each year. On top of the Sentra, the Maza three is really giving the Civic a run for its money. Many people, are just getting sick and tired of the same old Civic and want something a little bit more exotic. The Mazda three really comes close on delivering just that. One of the reasons that the Mazda three is such a very popular competition to the Honda Civic is because it just has so much power under the hood. In fact, only the Civic SI has as much power as the Mazda three.

2013 Honda Civic Trim Options

There are tons of different trim levels for this year’s Civic, and they are very similar to the 2010. They are the DX, LX, EX, EX-L, Si. There is also the 2013 Honda Civic Sedan which has a DX value package, an lx-s, a gx, and of course the now famous Hybrid.

The Honda Civic DX, is the base model and it really does the job for a lot of people. Others, as I have mentioned, thinks that the amenities are just too low in the DX. It has basics like 15 inch wheels, power windows, height adjustable seats, etc. The biggest beef is that it does not have a stereo. The LX version of the 2013 Honda Civic steps it up, with 16 inch steel wheels, keyless entry, lots of power buttons, and tons of little interior additions that the DX simply doesn’t have. The LX S, also has a rear spoiler and leather wrapped steering wheel.

DX is really a beauty, with 16 inch wheels, very nice six speaker system, sunroof, and really heavy silver. The EXL which is a huge step up, I leather upholstery everything, heated front seats, heated mirrors, and is really a step up a luxury. The Civic SI is just really amazing, and has all the features of its previous previous testers, with a really powerful engine, and all sports everything including seats, light, tires and interior.

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid

the 2013 Honda Civic hybrid, has gained some fame pretty quickly. There is also a Civic SI version. The SI version of the 197 horse power engine, while the base hybrid has a 1.3 L, four-cylinder engine, topping out at 110 hp.

While the 2013 Civic hybrid has the best fuel efficiency and mileage with 40 city, you will find that all of the Honda Civic 2013 trim models have amazing fuel mileage. Read more about honda civics

2013 Honda Civic Specs

– rear spoiler

– lots of head room, feet room, and full body room

– Steel Wheels, 15 inches and 16 inches, depending on trim

– Nice defogger in rear

– 1.8 L engine (dx)

– over head cam

– 4 cylinders

– 16 valves

– variable valve timing

– 128 ft-lbs of torque

– Dual vanity mirrors

– light in trunk

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