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2013 Toyota Corolla


The new 2013 Corolla is nice in a lot of ways, and lacking in others. It looks a bit nicer on the outside than the 2012 version, a bit slicker and more stylish. It is improved slightly by some minor tweaks done to the interior of the car. Many people who are fans of  Toyota Corolla  traditionally, will definitely be pleased with the 2013 model.

One of the all-time great benefits of a Toyota Corolla of course is that they are known for being very well-built. Like many other Japanese cars, you will not have to take this into for tuneups very often. The Corolla is especially known for not breaking down, not needing any additional parts, and being easy fix if anything does go wrong. It’s known as a truly reliable car. One other thing that the Toyota Corolla used to be very well known for, was it’s fuel economy. Unfortunately for Toyota, that is no longer the case as it has been surpassed by very many of it’s competitors.

Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of the 2013 Toyota Corolla. One complaint that people had about 2013 Corolla is that it just feels very aloof while you’re driving, and they don’t actually have a ton of control. Many people would describe it as a boring drive, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Inside the Corolla is pretty much like the rest of the Corolla, and okay – average. You really can’t say much more about that, even on the upper trim levels there still is something that really remains to be desired.

One of the most popular trim levels of the Toyota Corolla was XRS, and unfortunately for the lovers of the XRS it’s not made anymore. That was quite a peculiar decision by Toyota, considering the popularity of the XRS – and the fact that it was actually the most stylish of all the Corolla trim.

Within the same price range, the Toyota Corolla of 2013 is up against some extremely stiff competition. Two of those competing vehicles are the 2011 Honda Civic and the 2013 Mazda three. These two cars used to be neck and neck with the Corolla, but now they have both sped light-years ahead in terms of drivability and style… Not to mention popularity as well.

2013 Toyota Corolla Trim Options

Going up in trim levels with the 2013 Corolla, you do start to see some improvements that make this vehicle worthwhile again. The base model kind of leaves something to be desired.

There are now three trim options available for the Toyota Corolla, compared to five in years previous to 2013. The three levels are the base, LE and S. In the base model you have your standard 15 inch steel wheels, power mirrors and air-conditioning, cd player with a four speaker sound system and an aux audio Jack.

Next up from the base is the LE model. With the upgrade to the LE trim you get keyless entry power windows and locks which are optional on the base version, six speakers instead of four in the stereo, and your 15 inch wheels get upgraded to 16 inch wheels.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla S trim, which is its highest level this year has 16 inch alloy wheels, plus the sports kit, plus a spoiler on the rear, much nicer interior and also has upgraded computers and stereo systems. It’s indeed a shame that they cut out the XLR trim option for 2013.

Some the options that you can get on the two upper trim levels for the 2011 Toyota Corolla are a sunroof, map lamps, iPod/USB dock and integration, and Bluetooth. Fog lamps are also available.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla has a 1.8 L engine with 132 hp. It comes manual but you could also get into four-speed automatic. The gas mileage is good but not what it used to be in comparison to their competition.

2013 Toyota Corolla Specs

– Steel wheels on base,

– 15 inch or 16 inch wheels

– Steel spare

– All seasonal tires

– Bucket front seats

– adjustable driver seat

– inside spare tire mounted

– comes in red, black, white, blue , purple, lighter purple

– interior comes in different colors

– AC

– light in trunk

– front reading lights

– dual vanity mirrors

– element antenna

– 4 speakers/6 speakers depending on trim

– cup holder

– ash tray

– cargo net

– cargo tote

– alloy wheel locks

– Protection film for paint


– AM/FM, CD player, mp3 playback

– Double overhead cam

– 4 inline cylinders, 16 valves, with variable valve timing

– trip computer

– Edge guard for doors, rear bumper protection

– Upgrades for: black 5spoke wheel, silver 5 spoke wheel, to add style

– anti lock brakes (4-wheel abs)

– Airbags in front AND rear

– dual mounted airbags (front)

– anchors for child seats

– braking assist in case of emergency

– saftey locks for children in back

– 2 headrests in front, 3 in rear

– 28 MPG

– 13.2 gallons in the tank

– regular unleaded

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