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2013 Volkswagen Jetta


The Volkswagen Jetta is one of those cars that really stands out from the pack. It’s pretty much a luxury sedan when you think about it, compared to other cars in it’s class – it owns them. What really differentiates the Jetta from a lower end BMW? Nothing much, and some people prefer this German car maker to the other.


The 2013 Jetta is not just a modified version of the Golf, which has become a trend for Jetta in previous years. This years 2013 Volkswagen Jetta has plenty of space in both the front and the rear, stepping up their game from previous versions. There’s a 2 litre engine in this year’s Jetta.

The Jetta has really gone through a massive change, and some people may be wondering why? The reasons is because this Jetta is set to go against cars like the Honda Civic and Mazda Three in terms of pricing. Obviously this is quite a price difference because the Jetta is usually in a different class.. more along the lines of the Honda Accord.

The 2011 Jetta might not be as luxurious as older editions, but when you compare it to other cars in it’s class, it’s luxurious amenities still hold strong. It does seem to have a bit cheaper materials in the interior, but a lot of that is made up for in the price. The 2013 Jetta is bigger than previous years, allowing families to fit comfortably even with a bit of gear. That will open up this car to the masses while before it was a smaller car for young professionals, students and couples.

Without a doubt, even with the downgrades in the interior of the 2013 Jetta, it’s still an really great choice for anybody that wants to have a mid sized sedan. In most people’s opinions, it’s still better than the Honda Civic and the Mazda 3 in many different areas. There are all sorts of features on the base model, a really fuel efficient drive, and it’s much bigger than previous versions. All these aspects makes the 2013 Jetta even more popular.

2013 Jetta Trim Options

You can get the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta in a number of different trim levels. After the base model, there is a SE, SE, SEL and TDI. On top of all these trim levels, there is also the 2013 Jetta Sportwagen, which is pretty much a different car altogether.


The 2013 Volkswagen Jetta base model is right out of the box a competitor to the Honda Civic. You get the 15 inch steel wheels, power locks/windows, and all the normal interior (which is less high quality then previous editions). The S is a step up on a few levels including keyless entry, 4 speaker cd player and sound system, and power mirrors.


The SE is quite a big step up from both the base and the S models, sporting a really powerful engine. It also has bigger steel wheels at 16 inches, cruise control, and vinyl upholstery, making the interiors much, much nicer. You can also add on a convenience package that gives you alloy wheels instead of steel, heated seats, leather steering wheel, bluetooth, and major upgrades to the sound system.

The SEL is yet another step up, and while it includes everything that the SE version offers, it certainly doesn’t stop there. You also get another upgrade in wheels at 17 inches and alloy, foglamps, chrome, trip computer, and a navigation system. It’s really a nice edition and the SEL is screaming luxury sedan.

Moving up to the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDO, it has a turbo diesel engine. It also is very similar in trim to the SEL and SE, with it’s keyless ignition and entry, foglamps, navigation system, and trip computer.

2013 Jetta: Specs

– Plenty of head room, leg room, shoulder room and body room in the front and back

– Adujustable driver and passenger seats.

– Optional leather steering wheel

– Steel Wheels – 16, or 17 inches (upgraded trim)

– intermittent wipers

– defogger in rear

– GEK (Ground effects kit)

– Sports goal gray, alloy silver, goal silver

– Chrome exhaust tip

– splash guards

– 5 speed manual transmission

– torsion beam suspension

– independent suspension in front

– regular gas, unleaded – 14.6 gal tank, 23/33 miles per gallon

– 4 wheel anti lock brakes

– airbags in front and rear

– front side dual mounted airbags

– airbag sensing

– turn signal mirrors

– stability control and traction control

– elec. brakeforce distribution

– safety system for post collision

– AC, trunk light, front reading lights

– floor mats in front and rear, mirror turn signals, illuminating vanity mirrors

– clock, tachometer, ext. temp. display, warning for low fuel

– antenna, 4 speakers (upgradable to 6), am/fm radio, mdi kit, luggage net, mat kit, carpeted mat kit, bluetooth, protection kit

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