BMW ActiveHybrid X6 Depreciation Rate and Curve

Are you researching the depreciation rates in a BMW ActiveHybrid X6? On this page, we'll list all the depreciation information for the 2 years of data we have for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 - from 2010 to the most recent model in 2011.

BMW ActiveHybrid X6 Historical Depreciation Table

Below is a historical table for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 that displays year by year depreciation data.
Model Year Price When New (%) Current Depreciation ($) Current Depreciation Current Residual Value
2011 $88,900 85% $75,175 $13,725
2010 $88,900 86% $76,150 $12,750

Forecasted Depreciation

Model Year Forecast Value Forecast Period (years)
2011 $13,039 5
2010 $13,039 5